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Thread: MF 5455 running on

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    MF 5455 running on

    Going to look at a 5455 this week. Customer phoned to say that when he turns the key off the engine carries on and slowly dies to a stop. He already replaced stop solenoid and it's no better. Was wondering if anyone had similar problems I'm thinking a relay sticking open but not going to rule out the pump oh BTW it's a tier 2 perkins

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    Re: MF 5455 running on

    That'll be the latching valve in the pump at fault.Common issue with the Delphi pump.Don't know if the pump has to be removed or not for sure, to have it repaired but I've seen a new,modified latching valve for around 50 on Google and it looks like a case of screwing the old one out and the new one back in,without pump removal.I removed the pump on a 5455 last year with the same problem but am not convinced I needed to.Obviously,the injection specialists will say they have to fix it......
    Would think ACE would know more if he's around...............

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