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Thread: White muscle disease in calves

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    White muscle disease in calves

    We have a suckler calf that has been diagnosed with vitamin E difficientcy. Vet prescribed selium injection,but it has made no difference.Calf unable to stand without help and cannot support itself and therefore does not suckle.It will take milk from bottle and eat straw. Anyone else had similar problem.?Vet not said if calf likely to survive.

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    Re: White muscle disease in calves

    We lost a few until we supplemented all the cattle with a selenium/vit E supplement in the feed. It may be too late for this calf but try adding vitamin E powder to some milk. this is the one I use (for an equine) and they are very quick delivery.

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    Re: White muscle disease in calves

    We have suffered with severe selenium deficiency here. We were injecting the cows with selenium which cured the problem but as that is no longer licensed we've swapped to cosecure boluses and so far so good. had similar issues with a calf in past unfortunately we lost ours. I'd go back to your vet see what else they suggest and get them to put a prevention strategy in your vet plan going forward.

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