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Thread: Fundraising event plus online auction

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    Fundraising event plus online auction

    Good evening all
    Admin approved but please move if Iíve put it in the wrong place!

    The link below is for an event and online auction being run in aid to help Damien MacDougallís children.
    Damien was a hard working fencer running his own successful business in the Scottish Borders.
    He had an unrivalled passion for the industry and skills and craftsmanship to match he was also a true gentleman and willing to help anyone and everyone in any way he could.
    Unfortunately in the last few years he had suffered with some mental health issues which meant he couldnít carry on with his own business and tragically he got to a point where he could not see any help or way back and took his own life.
    Damien left behind his three, very young children. We his fellow colleagues in the same industry have organised this event to help raise money for his children in some of the most difficult years ahead of them with no father. They are just children who should be growing up having fun surrounded by family with no cares in the world.
    We are also try to bring awareness to mental health. No one should suffer in silence.
    It will be a great event, to meet like-minded people, let your hair down and get away from the stress of work, with a feel good factor of helping a wonderful family.

    There are some fabulous auction lots which may be of interest to some on here, all generously donated by fencing industry folk.

    Thank you for reading

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    Re: Fundraising event plus online auction

    Very sad. Shared on facebook.

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