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Thread: 7840 sle ecu logic

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    7840 sle ecu logic

    Can you anyone help, I have a 7840 sle that only has 1st and 5th gear and no lift or 4wd, have checked wiring and found a burnt wire on top of gearbox but is repaired but still isnt working, can anyone point me in the direction of what logic the ecu uses to stop switching the solenoids, cant get any error codes either for some reason?

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    Re: 7840 sle ecu logic

    Can't help with the ecu and the fact that you said elsewhere you had it repaired/sorted would hopefully rule it out. Any chance of borrowing a known good one? Did you check out the fuseable links at the battery.(My white roof had them,maybe your blue roof hasn't?)
    Very strange there's no codes. Not so sure the ecu would have much to do with the 4wd? Sounds like you need to go through each loom section and test the continuity of each wire from connector to connector with a multimeter.Maybe you have done? A right pain!

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