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Thread: 2018 harvest

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    2018 harvest

    Farmers are reputed to grumble all the time.
    Just for once I am optimistic.
    We have one field left to combine which I hope we will get tomorrow, the sea mist stopped us today at about 4 pm, but tomorrow looks OK.
    So far this year looks very good, almost as good as 1984, a record year.The heap of grain in the shed, even after delivery of a substantial amount to the ethanol plant, is pretty impressive.
    Most years we struggle along this coast with coastal extreme weather, this year it has been a blessing. Sea mists can be almost as good as an inch of rain. They kept us going throughout the drought, even to a limited degree.
    Since we are no longer involved with the power station, my son has been able to properly manage the farm.
    We will see eventually over the weighbridge, but so far it looks pretty good!!
    Smiling for once,
    Jack Caley.
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