|The tax implications are as follows.
you have obviously paid off any inheritance tax so lets assume the land was valued at 100,000 for IHT.
If say you sell this land today for 200,000 you have a CGT of 100,000.
I think you have 2 siblings each having an equal share.
Each sibling has a CGT allowance of 11,700 so 3 X 11,700 equals a total allowance of 35,100
a Taxable gain of 100,000 - 35,100 = 64,900
Now it gets complicated as the tax rate varies according to the individual
Each individual will have a gain of
16,225 and they will probably pay tax at the 18% rate i.e. 2,920 . However if they are higher earners I believe it could be 28% , thus 4,543.

However I must emphasis I am no accountant, tax expert, or other wise
Do take advice from a properly qualified account.
You may be able to split the property in 2 lots and sell them over a period of 2 years or even 3 reducing this bill to near zero as you have a Tax free allowance for every year of transfers
Also my calculations may be totally wrong!