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Thread: Colbalt deficiency or Fluke?

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    Colbalt deficiency or Fluke?

    Evening everyone,

    Seen a horrible drop in condition with my lambs recently. Had them on one field grazing (field A) brought them back to the farm to graze (field B) and do them with a yellow wormer and weigh them then took them back to (field A) after a couple of weeks

    Since I have had 2 lambs die and a couple of others heading that way! They have got worse since being wormed. From what I think it might be a deficiency in cobalt or they may need doing with fluke?

    The worst effected has gone thin and have sh*ty bums.

    Have people had problems like this in the past? What’s the tell tail difference between a B12 deficiency and Fluke?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

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    Re: Colbalt deficiency or Fluke?

    If you know that you have flukey fields I would fluke them now. I had this problem 3 years ago and sent a lamb for post mortem. I had both fluke and resistant worms. There had never been a fluke problem on this land but it must have come in with a bought in sheep, as well as the resistant worms. Lesson learnt and I now quarantine and nuke all additions.

    A pm costs less than the losses from deaths and knowing what you are dealing with helps in future years too.

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    Re: Colbalt deficiency or Fluke?

    Maybe your yellow wormer is not working a quick FEC would tell you lots , a simple PM on the liver would show up fluke ( I cut open every dead sheep and check the liver , takes 5 mins ) , Cobolt tends to show in lambs not thriving with poor wool . Sounds like a VET needs involved before many more die ??

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