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Thread: international 674 brakes (again) lol

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    international 674 brakes (again) lol

    hello, was trying to bleed brakes on my 674 today, one bled up fine the other not, i disconnected the pipe that comes from the master cyclinder just as it enters the rear end and started up the tractor, clamped the return pipe and nothing came through at all, any ideas, plenty of flow on oil so should of came out good, new inline filter fitted.

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    Re: international 674 brakes (again) lol

    Try bleeding the side that does bleed ok, tighten the bleed but & then try the other side by pumping the brake pedal, you could also try latching the pedals & pumping both pedals, the balance valve should equal out pressure & send oil down the line you're trying to bleed.

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