My name is Simon and I work as a support worker for children with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. The work is enjoyable and rewarding, but it was never my ambition and it isn't what I see myself doing forever.

I've always been interested in agriculture, but being from a non-farming background it was never something I felt able to pursue. I decided earlier this year to try and make a go of something different whilst I'm basically young enough and not too far beyond the point of no return!

I do have basic knowledge of farming practices (I was brought up in a rural area, have a few farming friends, and my wife is a Cirencester graduate) and this year I started to do some work for a gentleman in Shropshire around his farm and contracting business. He was kind enough to take me on with zero real knowledge and teach me a bit on the job, so I've now learnt to drive tractors, use a telehandler, helped out with some fencing jobs, etc. I can also use a chainsaw (qualified) and I've got a little experience with a quad/atv.
Unfortunately this work has had to come to an end (through no fault of either party) and I'm looking hopefully to see if anybody would be willing to fill the gap. I'm based in Stourport, Worcestershire but I don't necessarily mind if I need to travel a bit. My other job is shift work and I am usually free between 1 and 4 days every week if anybody could use some part time or ad-hoc help (or even full time!) As I've said, I would need a certain amount of mentoring and showing the ropes, but I'm not dim, learn quickly and I'm not shy to get stuck in. I'm more interested in livestock or mixed farming than purely arable production.

If anybody can offer anything, please drop me a message and we'll go from there.