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Thread: Feeding concentrates on top of silage

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    Feeding concentrates on top of silage

    Just wondering if anyone is doing this? Im looking to feed silage bales into troughs to get away from round bins taking up extra bedding space, but it means Ill have to feed concentrates on top of silage when feeding the youngsters. Would that be a problem in terms of them being able to get to it all? Do you get wastage? etc are there any other ways around it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Feeding concentrates on top of silage

    We find that the silage gets tainted if we feed rolled cereals on top of it. We put a calf creep feeder in the shed and keep that topped up but then, it's taking up room in your case.
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    Re: Feeding concentrates on top of silage

    I fed concentrates on top of silage for years, but it was precision chopped silage and along a feed passage so except for maybe one day after the passage had been filled the mix was going over silage that would be eaten in the next few hours anyway, so you were always working over a clean surface.

    If your bales have no waste and are decently palatable I think it would work ok but you'd need to put in little enough silage at a time that they are getting to the bottom of the trough and cleaning it out at least once a day. If you were to just continually lash a clatter of silage in to the troughs, put the meal on top, and keep topping up I think you'd soon end up with a stinking (and expensive!) mess in the bottom of the troughs.

    But there's no reason why it won't work if you're prepared to make it work. Just ensure that everything in the trough is always fresh and there should be no issues.

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