Are you getting the best value from all your land?

Did you know the going rate for the lease of sporting rights in the UK is between 5 and 10 per acre? This means if you have the average UK farm of 140 acres your could be making between 700.00 - 1400.00 more per year for doing nothing. A larger farm of say 700 acres could be missing out on thousands of pounds of lost income.

Worried about the risks?

As landowners I am sure you have been approached by all sorts of people over the years asking for permission to shoot on your land. Sometimes this will be acceptable but allot of the time it is not appropriate to have people wanding your farm looking for the owner with the offer of "free pest control". 20 years ago the offer of free pest control and a bottle at Christmas was perfectly acceptable, but now the sporting world has moved on and your land is not only valuable for farming.

At JDR Sporting we have looked at addressing this problem and pride ourselves on matching the right shooters with the right land. For the landowners we vet all potential shooters by conducting an in depth interview of all candidates. We also check that there insurances, references, qualifications and general understanding of the countryside are acceptable.

Our quality checks:-

1. Insurances. We require all shooters to have BASC or similar insurance
2. We check all qualifications. For example if a shooter says they have a deer stalking qualification then we check it.
3. We check firearms licences to ensure they are current and in the case of firearms have the correct condtions to allow shooting.
3. For the use of firearms we ask the shooters to show a level of firearms handling that is appropriate to their chosen sport. This could be covered by a qualification, but if needed we can carry out a shooting/land assessment to ensure they are competent.
4. We ask all our potential shooters for previous references. Ideally these references are from a person (who isn't a friend or family) and has seen the shooter using a shotgun/rifle.

Finally and most importantly we arrange a meeting on the land in question to ensure everyone is clear on the proposed use.

We also handle the legal side of permission letters and lease agreements to protection both parties.

Should the worst happen and there is a problem we also act as a arbitration process for both parties.