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Thread: MF 6160/70/80/90 tractor

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    MF 6160/70/80/90 tractor

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a mf 6100 series tractor, could anyone enlighten me on the problems that they had?


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    Re: MF 6160/70/80/90 tractor

    We own a 6110 and a 6150.
    6110 has 16x16 speedshift box with mechanical reverse, 6150 equipped with 32x32 dynashift and electronic pre select reverse.

    Biggest problem on these series was perhaps that electronic reverse. First models had a press button on the powershift handle which often gave problems. Later ones have a seperate front/back handle above the powershift one. These work better. I thought that back then a modification was provided.

    Our electronic reverse gave once problems, an entire computer module had to be changed: 800. Now and then we have to recalibrate the reverse shuttle, and I disconnected the warning buzzer because of living a live on its own

    Both gearboxes have a huge selector for the groups and a small handle under the steering wheel for the powershift. Huge selector changes gears rather harsh, speedshift (=hi lo) kicks you in the back, but Dynashift (= 4x powershift) changes smooth.

    6110 is 2wd and has little work to do, 3500 h. 6150 is complete tractor, with 4wd, 48x48 (incl creeper), 4 hydraulic functions, front linkage and kicks out 100 hp. Sowing wheat in november in heavy clay (SW of Netherlands) uses 22,8 liter / ha. Weighs about 5,5 tonnes but turning circle is bigger than our 6470's.

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    Re: MF 6160/70/80/90 tractor

    Seem like good value for money, some had electrical problems but are fairly easily sorted out compared to some of the mordern tractors

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