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Thread: Case Farmall 95a Linkage issues

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    Case Farmall 95a Linkage issues

    New to the forum, new to tractors, we run a tree surgery business, got a very good deal on a Farmall 95a last year with only 300 hours on it.

    Been pulling woodchip and logs around in a modified 7 tonne grain trailer, running PTO chippers and a loader with log grab.

    Dabbling in a bit of paddock topping, harrowing, rolling etc.

    Very happy with the tractor and getting the hang of it.

    Thats the back ground any way.

    My issue:

    As of last week the rear links have developed a mind of their own. While running the logsplitter the links stopped obeying the level control lever and rise and fall wildly only stopping with knocking it in and out of float mode.

    The links with raise with the lever but fall down soon after. The smooth accurate control has gone and it is very hard/impossible to set a level and use an implement.

    Its dangerous with the logsplitter because if it rises to high it will smash the rear window!

    As far as I'm aware nothing has changed, I am not doing anything differently.

    Has anyone experienced this?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Case Farmall 95a Linkage issues

    I think this is a Turkish built Case. I have no idea about your model but is it a mechanical or an electronic type lift?

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