Had barn broken into weekend before last and personnel door jemmied off - tools stolen, windows of van and farm pick up smashed and door ripped off van and several new spray guns stolen that were in back of my sprinter van for safe keeping!

Appears to be a lot of activity in the Aylesbury vale area at present with GPS equipment being stolen and my pal had compressor stolen and quad bike stolen last Sunday night!

Assumed that tools would be covered but NFU said no contents weren't covered and theft mentioned in policy only applied to the whole building? cannot see how someone can steal a building 105 x 40!

So pretty hacked off as now they are arguing over cost of replacement door and have been ten days so far and still going around in circles due to the NFU.

Anyone know of open and transparent insurers other than the NFU as I believe they are not like they were when I took out policies years ago.