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Thread: help no spark...

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    help no spark...

    Hi All...
    ok ive brought my son a Apache 100cc quad bike ans it seems to have a spark issue..
    When i got it i couldnt get a spark then i messed around with it and got a spark and got it running, then it just died after 30 mins, now no spark so i replaced spark plug, ignition coil, cdi, ignition switch, stator and regulator and got a spark again now its gone again?
    Ive check the wiring to see if any loose connectors, cant start by electric start because the starter clutch is broken so can only kick start it and thats a pain as it sometimes slips ( needs new teeth on it)
    the kill switch us 2 wires that are just loose no switch anymore as it broken and the other wires i think are for the lights and the electric start lever which is now broke
    Im crap with electrics so not sure how to trace and test
    also my new stator has 6 wires instead of 5 so i am unsure how to wire it, see pictures of mine the correct one and the other off ebay which they say to re-wire
    any help with this guys?

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    Re: help no spark...

    No help to you, sorry but my son repairs quads and turns these lesser known makes away. Difficult or impossible to get the correct parts. Sounds like you've spent a lot on it already though. Hope you can get it fixed.
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    Re: help no spark...

    If you have jump leads try one from negative terminal to a bright part of frame.
    Poor earth is a common issue and can 'vary' inexplicably when a corroded connection gets damp or vibrates.

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    Re: help no spark...

    Your black, yellow and white wires are from the stator coils and provide 3phases - the plug will connect through the loom (or it may go direct) to the rectifier which will change the current from AC to DC

    Looks like the coil that remains on the outside of the flywheel must be the electronic ignition sensor? and the single black wrapped coil may generate the power for a remotely mounted HT ignition coil?.

    Either the later one's extra wire is for a dedicated earth, or to supply a rev counter or they are just using a two wire system on something instead of a single wire?

    Like 4wd said, could be a silly electrical earth fault or intermittent power connection fault
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