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Thread: Wainfleet dredging

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    Wainfleet dredging

    The floods around Wainfleet are very much in the news here, and raise all sorts of issues with the dept of the environment. One guy on the television said when he was young, he used to fish that river when there was ten feet of water, there is now two feet of water, it has not been dredged for thirty years. The banks are apparently weakened by badgers.
    Newts and eels are protected alongside badgers. Added to pigeons crows and magpies.
    It is all very well for the tree huggers to protect eels and newts and badgers, but who protects house owners and farmers?
    jack caley

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    Re: Wainfleet dredging

    You took the words out of my mouth Jack. I just finished telling the wife that had they maintained the dykes and cleaned the ditches as was the case in the past this would not have occurred, instead its 'climate change'. Bollocks.
    Half of Lincolnshire is below sea level for Gods sake.

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