Hello everybody,

My partner and I are looking to rent a piece of land in Kent, Surrey or Sussex with a canal/river/a flowing body of water on a long term basis. We would like to finance and build a mini Hydro-power plant on it with new technology that doesn't rely on dams, and doesn't harm fish.

The flowing body of water on a land we would like to rent on a long term basis must met some criteria:
- The water has to drop by at least 1,5m
- The water has to have a mimimul flow of 1 qubic meter per second. A river of 1m width that flows for 1m a second should be sufficient.
- Preferably close to the road and within 200m of electricity feed-in-option to avoid unnessesary work.

The rent/income is dependant on the size of the river, the flow and the high difference of the drop but can be in the form of fixed rent, participation in the profit etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you,