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Thread: 3 cylinder diesel ford engine in Sanderson Fork Lift

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    3 cylinder diesel ford engine in Sanderson Fork Lift

    I have been trying to get the engine in this fork lift going, but am failing miserably and would appreciate any help you may be abloe to give.
    The machine has been stood for 2 years, and I decided to modify it somewhat by cutting off the fork lift part, so I could use it as a truck to tow a large trailer.
    It has a 3 cylinder diesel ford engine and I can't get any diesel fuel through injector pipes on way to injectors.
    I purchased a barrel to use as a high up diesel tank led down to filter and got a good supply of fuel to injection pump when bleeding small (8ml) bleeder, but nothing from the injector pipes to the injectors.
    Injector pump is CAV

    I took the end off the injector pump and inside was a rubber seal, like a flat plate, that covered the complete area. On removal of seal saw steel items and everything looked clean. I though we may find dirt blockage, but everything was clean.

    Does my next step have to be take off injector pump altogether and get it serviced?

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    Re: 3 cylinder diesel ford engine in Sanderson Fork Lift

    Best take it off and get it serviced. Probably the metering valve is stuck although the regulating valve piston in the end you had off may be stuck as well. If you are confident enough,you could go in yourself,but you'll need a new gasket for reassembly and must put back exactly as original.

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