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Thread: Matbro TR250 major overhaul. Advice wanted on gearbox issues.

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    Matbro TR250 major overhaul. Advice wanted on gearbox issues.

    8 years ago i bought a used Matbro TR250 telehandler from northern Ireland and shipped it to my home in northern Sweden.
    It has served me well since then and always starts even in temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius (i do have and electric engine preheater installed), except that time that i got diesel algae in the fuel tank

    The gearbox has given me som trouble right from the start though (refusing to engage the clutch in any direction when it had sat for a few days), it also had some bearing whining noise in first and second gear. The rust on the cabin was getting worse and worse. The electrical system in the cab was also getting closer and closer to a total meltdown.

    So this spring i started the tear-down. The cabin interior and the cabin was removed. The cabin and doors were then sent to be sandblasted and painted with an epoxy base coat. The interior was cleaned and resprayed with 1 component boat paint. After this i took the gearbox out and split it.

    I found some wear and tear that i would like som advice on.
    1. There is an idler gear with a needle bearing that has put som wear on the axle it sits on. The axle and bearing will be replaced but do you think the bearing surface inside the gear has taken a beating as well or will I be able to reuse it? I have not checked the price on parts yet, perhaps the gear isnt that expensive and its better safe than sorry?

    I am also wondering what could have caused the bending force on the gear that made the wear on the axle?

    The gear that drives the idler gear has damaged teeth. I think its called pitting damage in English but I'm not 100% sure. Could this be reused or is it an imminent failure waiting to happen?

    The first pictures are of the gears and axle in question and then I included some mixed pictures from the project.

    The driving gear with pitting damage. Its situated on the forward reverse clutch axle.

    The needle bearing that sits on the damaged idler axle

    The damaged idler axle.

    The idler (driven) gear bearing surface

    The idler gear teeth.

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    Re: Matbro TR250 major overhaul. Advice wanted on gearbox issues.

    The rest of the project so far (in pictures)

    Started in May. Still some snow on the ground but temperature was acceptable (Around 0 degrees celsius)

    Rust on the doors.

    Rust on the cabin. I

    More rust on the cabin

    Steering console?

    The cabin was returned from sandblasting and paint.

    Replacing some sheetmetal on the doors.

    Started painting the interior parts.

    Steering console painted with 2 layers of base and 2 layers of top coat.

    The gearbox on its home made stand. Started disassembly.
    Unfortunately I dont have a garage so I have to do my repairs in the great garage with the blue ceiling

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