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Thread: Livestock contracting

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    Livestock contracting

    Hi everyone,
    I currently manage a dairy herd and have done for the last few years. I'm looking to make a change, I'm fed up with spending 8 hours a day in a parlour and I want to get out and about a bit more and add a bit of variety to my work days. I also run a small flock of sheep with my partner and enjoy working with the sheep. I'd love to be able to go self employed and offer a livestock contracting service to.include things such as shearing, disbudding, relief milking, foot trimming etc.
    Is there a big enough demand to make a living off this kind of thing?
    I'm willing to invest in training courses and professional equipment. I'm a hardworking lad (without sounding too bigheaded!) And would love to work for myself and have a bit of variety rather than stuck milking cows for the next few years!

    Thanks for any answers,

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    Re: Livestock contracting

    Depends where you live and how fixed up everybody is already, those that already use have a man in place so why choose you? That's what you need to think about, otherwise you trying to pick up business from people who cant anymore or their man has jacked or wont come which could be bad payer etc.

    All depends on local demand really

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