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Thread: Cake crusherThe cake cam

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    Cake crusherThe cake cam

    In my young days we used linseed and cotton cake to feed to sheep and cattle. The cake was a residue of linseed and cotton seed crushed to take out the oil.It came in the form of slabs about 18 inches by 3. feet, 3 inches thick. We had to put it through a cake crusher, this had spiked rollers which were turned by hand to make small edible pieces for the sheep.
    We also had a turnip cutter and a choppy cutter which cut up straw to replace chaff in the rations.
    We had all these machines when I left my family home but I believe they were all scrapped.
    Anyone know of any of these machines now?
    jack caley

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    Re: Cake crusherThe cake cam

    They are always appearing on eBay Jack. Always interesting to hear the different names for different parts of the country. Cake crusher and turnip cutter were used here but the latter was normally used for slicing swedes. We actually called the "choppy" cutter a chaff cutter.

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