I have come to the conclusion it is posed, however the sacks do rather indicate it is from the Towcester area. Towcester mill was owned by the Hesketh family as was half the land in the Surrounding area, Most of it was tenanted.
if it is a genuine picture of a local farmer it is a shame they cannot be identified.

A little tale of bagging combines, We had a trailed John Deere combine in the 50's. This was an engine on machine not PTO, a little 12A, I think it was 6 feet cut and the works were straight through with a single walker.
The combine even had a seat on for the Bagger man to relax in a thin crop, probably reflecting its American heritage.
The seat was very handy as a place to fold the empty sacks over, ready to be put on the chute.
This seat however backed onto the engine and sadly one day the sack got overheated by the exhaust it was touching and caught fire.
The Bag man chucked the bags on the stubble which promptly caught fire , the driver drove off as fast as the tractor would drag the harvester off the field. It was a 25 acre field and virtually the whole crop was lost as the full sacks on the floor also burnt
Father who was any market at the time came upon the scene later that day and berated the staff for not just pulling the pin and leaving the harvester to burn as he never rated that combine.
the insurance were out the next day with a cheque book, another thing you would never see today

Many years later I bought a John Deere 955 combine from Towcester Mill and Trading as it had become.