Hi everyone

I find myself in a unexpected situation and therefore in need of finding a unfurnished home to rent long term and preferably for the rest of my life.

I only need one bedroom although two would be a bonus and I really prefer to be somewhere rural or out of the way. I do not mind what condition the property is in as I will gladly redecorate at my own cost. I have suffered with depression all of my life and to the outside world it may not show but it does affect me which is why I need to live somewhere quite away from noise and stress. I enjoy but also need a low impact and quiet lifestyle. To a lot of people, landlords especially, mental health is a bit of a taboo but if you read I hope that you will see the type of tenant (and person) I am.

I would consider anywhere but my ideal area would be North West Leicestershire / Vale of Belvoir side of Nottinghamshire as I have connections here but to be honest that is a impossible ask.

I am a single 57 year old male. Sadly I am in receipt of Income based and housing Benefits together with a disability element due to my mental health hence only needing 1 to 2 bedrooms and I can afford a rent of up to 500 pcm but lower would be better to allow for potential rent increases. I do not smoke or take drugs (other than those my doctor requires me to take), I rarely drink and I have no pets or animals. Gardening, writing music and D.I.Y are my escape and it's where I feel safe. I am very clean, tidy and house proud.

I wish to be honest and open regarding my situation although it is not easy for me to type the following.

I come from a farming background and grew up on the family farm. I have always lived in the countryside and nearly always in a estate owned property so active country pursuits are not a problem to me. Our Countryside and life within it are in my blood and part of who I am.

I currently rent a rural 3 bed cottage belonging to a well known country estate here in Leicestershire and out of the blue, I have been given notice that my landlord requires possession no later than 31st January 2020.

This has come as complete surprise as I have lived here since 2010 without any issues - no complaints made or received, no rent arrears and nothing but improvements made to my home. My cottage is located in a small hamlet (owned by the estate) of no more than 15 or so homes and there are only six in the part of it in which I live. When I moved here the cottage was in rather a state and over the years I have improved it. I decorate the exterior every two years and the interior every three, I tiled the walls and installed a new kitchen as well as tiling around the sink in the utility area. The cottage is unheated and has some long standing damp issues so earlier this year I had brand new Storage Heaters installed in the main rooms (all at no cost to my landlord) via a grant I was able to access.

Earlier this year, due to the new energy efficiency regulations and to bring my home up to a acceptable standard I had a whole new set of every expensive but very energy efficient Storage Heaters installed (the previous set, at 8 years old by this time, were not sufficient to bring the rating up to pass standard) and new insulation around the windows and doors (again at no cost to my Landlord by means of a grant that I was personally eligible for).

There was no garden at all but there was a small paddock at the back of the property in which a previous tenant had kept a pony which was completely over grown with brambles and scrub. With the landlords permission over the years I completely landscaped the area all by hand. I dug the whole paddock over and reseeded with lawn grass. I put in flower borders, raised beds, a vegetable patch and a very productive fruit garden and Cherry Tree. I have planted hedges on two sides (kept nicely trimmed) and they are quite mature now.

You may think that this is a lot for a tenant to have done but I have known my landlord and his family on a friendly first name basis for over 20 years, I knew his father and I know his children. I carried out all of the improvements under the implicit understanding that it was my permanent home and the rent was to be kept low as this was what my Landlord and I agreed so to me I was investing in my home. The situation I now find myself in is a complete shock.

There has never been any issues or complaints with the estate or other tenants and I always received compliments on the work I carried out from the land agents who the estate retained to manage the lettings side of the business.

This brings me full circle to where I am now and I wonder if you have any property that is available or may become so within the next few months?

I perfectly understand that having read this you may be put off of me as a prospective tenant but I am no trouble to anyone and would be a reliable, honest and trustworthy long term tenant. If you have any questions I would be very happy to provide whatever information you may require.

Many thanks for reading this.