Hello everyone, my name is Marin and I am new to the forum and I really need your help. I am joining from India; from the state of Mizoram to be exact, since it is hard to find intellectual and active community forum such as this, anyway, I am trying to setup a very small livestock farm (6 acres) where I can have maybe 1 or 2 dairy cows with some goats, some pigs, some laying hens and some rabbits and a small vegetable garden if possible, kind of permaculture type thing.

I want to supplement my livestock with legumes and grasses to cut feed cost, I want to free range my chickens, goats and cows while the pigs and the rabbits have a permanent home.

However, my soil test comes back with a very disheartening result, my soil PH averages at 4.65, Nitrogen averages at 236 kg/ha, Phosphorus averages at 2.63 kg/ha and Potassium averages at 9851.85 kg/ha. Potassium varies wildly where some have only 150 kg, 250 feet away it rises to 8097.6 kg. All soil samples are taken at around 6 inch depth and at an interval of around 250 feet. Also, here in my state we are practicing slash and burn for farming so the land has been slash and will be burned; hopefully for the last time, by the end of February 2020 which will add some ash to the soil and may increased the PH level of the soil a little.

So, I would like to ask my respected seniors in the livestock farming field on how to go about this, what legumes and grass should I plant on my soil? I would also like to mentioned that some of the legumes seeds are really hard to get here in India.

I would really really be thankful if you could help a fellow farmer out. I have all the document like the contour drawings of the land, pictures, etc if you want to help with how and where I should put the animals, the gardens etc. I can email you.

Thanks again.