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Thread: Asking NH experts for NH TS115 rear axle advice

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    Asking NH experts for NH TS115 rear axle advice

    I'm currently helping a neighbour (mostly advisory) with what initially looked like a rear axle seal gone at the wheel of his TS115.He has the trumpet off and the bolt and planetary wheels off the half shaft but it wont budge even with sledge persuasion. Is there any thing else holding there half shaft in or are they just incredibly tight in the bearings? It turns out the outer bearing is rough and gone so that's no doubt the reason for the seal going. When it is apart the brakes are getting looked at and although it isn't near metal to metal chunks are starting to break out of the friction plate surface and one static plate is warped so it looks like it needs a full set of plates friction and static and the other side doing too. Is there anything else that should be replaced as good practice such as the operating cylinders or expander/springs? Obviously the boots over the adjuster rod will be replaced.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Re: Asking NH experts for NH TS115 rear axle advice

    It's the inner bearing that is a press fit. Proper way is to press the shaft out with a fabricated tool. On a 8340 axle,I recall setting something on the floor,solid and long enough to reach up the inside of the trumpet to meet the shaft,2 of us lifting the trumpet vertically and letting it drop. The shaft popped up out after two or three drops. Just need to mind the shins and toes...........
    Don't think anything else is troublesome in the brakes but I'd check and maybe replace the diff bearings when in there.

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