Looking for information about the Case IH 895XL hydraulics.
After changing the transmission oil and filter for a neighbour we have no power steering. When I removed the filter and screen it was in a bad way, the screen was full of glitter and the filter was damaged and not seated correctly. I assume someone has been in here before. basically one of the bolts which goes through the housing in the filter area was sitting proud by about 2mm. So I fixed that problem and fitted the new filter with new o rings and refilled the transmission with the correct grade of oil, about 35ltr. the hydraulics worked, ie the loader and hitch worked ok but not the steering, so I loosened the pipe below the filter to bleed out any air. still no joy so I pulled the proportioning valve out which was stuck solid with glitter/fine metal residue. Since then in desperation I have removed the proportioning valve and tried running without it, but it was exactly the same.
The steering was fine before, we changed the oil because the owner had no idea when it was last done and there were several leaks, the worst was the gearbox top being loose and the gasket had blown out.

anyone out there had experience with these tractors, help