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Thread: Claas Senator 60 combine

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    Claas Senator 60 combine

    I've been keeping this beast ticking over for years now with lots of tlc and continuous repairs. This time it seems that the main cross shaft has moved about 10mm to the right so that all the belts are slightly misaligned, and particularly the innermost one which drives the shaker trays and the straw walkers now rubs the main frame so has burned out and jumped off. Any one experience of this and ideas on how to push it back? What hold it in place anyway? It looks like there may be a collar with a grub screw on the left side but nothing to be seen on the other side. There are a lot of pulleys to try to remove - 3 variable speed splits plus others - and nothing clear at the ends to hit to try to drive it back if that was a way. Any suggestions welcome.


    So I've taken all the belts off and cleaned it up and now I can see that the main shaft probably hasn't moved after all. What has happened is that the whole block of pulleys which drive the threshing mechanisms - 2 variable speeds to the drum, drives to the fan, shaker sieves and straw walkers and the drive from the engine above - have all moved on the main shaft. And there is play there of a few mm between the sleeve and the shaft which I assume is a bearing worn or broken. Do you know how the whole arrangement is held in place on the shaft. There is also a grub screw on the outer sleeve of the outside/moving half of the variable speed pulley whose function I cannot see yet, and what might be a circlip limiting the movement of this sleeve.

    I've attached some photos.

    Any idea where to find a blow up diagram?
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    Re: Claas Senator 60 combine

    Having only recently sold ours after some 30 years (on 45 year old machine!) it's very familiar under there, but I wouldn't tackle it myself.
    Those main bearings on that shaft want grease every couple of hours work but they still won't last for ever.
    It's surely a bearing gone or will need new one anyway if it has somehow drifted sideways.
    Be aware some of those pulleys are spring loaded and need special tools to take apart safely - and put back together

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    Re: Claas Senator 60 combine

    There are none of the big springs on that primary shaft. The pair of drum pulleys have separate sheaves that are pushed closer together or allowed to part using small hydraulic rams which can just be seen in the first and third images. This alters the drum speed. The big springs are at the other end of the belts on the actual drum shaft so that when the pressure is released on the aforementioned rams the drum pulleys come closer together and squeeze the oil out of the rams on the pulleys on the primary shaft. At this stage the drum is revolving at it's slowest speed.

    On the other side of the combine there is also an expanding/contracting pulley system (with similar sheaves that come closer to each other or move away from each other). This arrangement is for the variable traction speed control and the big spring on this is behind the large pulley that goes into the gearbox at the other end of the belt.

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