I have a John deere SG2 2250 year 1988, apart at the moment, it has the 30k hi lo transmission.

I would like to convert it to a 40km/h transmission and my question is, do i only need to change the hollow shaft , and the gear it connects to (please see below drawing), if so then i dont understand why cog nr 22 i present in the 30km/h version and taken away in the 40km/h version, what to replace cog nr22 when changing to the other hollow shaft ? little bit confused


For what i understand from reading previously posted threads here on farmingforum, the hilo unit is the same on the 30-40km/h transmission on the 50 series 4 cyl engine tractors.

Quote from Deere 2140
"Incidently , the 4 cylinders have the same Hilo , whether 30 or 40k"

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