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Thread: Index to Old agricultural Cine Films, Videos and Photo collections

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    Index to Old agricultural Cine Films, Videos and Photo collections

    Thought this might be a good way to keep tabs on where to find those interesting old clips of yesteryear that get posted here but slip down and forgotten about.

    How it works

    If you have posted a clip of old Agricultural related Cine-film, Video or a sizeable collection/slide-show of photos here on the Photos board, please PM me, 4wd or Sam_TM to point us to it.

    We will them add it to this list to make an index with a title, short description and a link to take you to the original thread where you can find the clip, read any comments and add your own if you want to.

    This index will be a locked sticky thread so will remain at the top where only a moderator will be able to post, while the actual threads can drop down out of sight but still be found easily through this index.

    1. Down on our farm, 40 years on a Hampshire in Cine Film
    2. Old Farm photo slideshows Two sets of photos, one B&W, the other early colour taken on a Hampshire farm
    3. Short video of 1980's raking first cut silage
    4. Short video of 1980's drum mowing first cut silage
    5. Short video of 1995 harvesting in Cork Ireland from this thread
    6. Groby Farms Leicestershire- old photo collection
    7. Ryans Farming Photos- modern day photo collection
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