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Thread: "Extra" Seed Dressing Treatments

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    "Extra" Seed Dressing Treatments

    Anyone using additional seed treatments over and above what they might have used when drilling conventionally to try and mitigate the tougher start a DD seed can face? Hear talk of Mn / Zn and eg Radiate - opinions on their relevance welcomed. Thanks

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    Re: "Extra" Seed Dressing Treatments

    I'm slightly interested in Phosphite dressings but to be honest from all of the long term direct drillers I've met unless your soil shows anything particularly deficient I think you are better off spending your money on other stuff.

    That said I don't really think a direct drilled seed has a tougher start. I think no tilling a seed is a superior way of planting it.

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    Re: "Extra" Seed Dressing Treatments

    Have used Take-off in the past and can see a difference in emergence. Whether it resulted in a yield benefit I cannot say.

    Have some wheat in the ground at the moment that was treated with Radiate last autumn - again there was a difference at emergence. May know more when the combine goes in though unsure if the yield mapping will pick up any more given all the other potential variation within fields.

    Personally given the cost of 25/ha or so, I think I'd prefer the soil had a good dose of manure every few years.

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