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Thread: Claydon OSR seed rates

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    Half track

    Claydon OSR seed rates

    Anyone able to advise me please, bought a 6m claydon v drill with Sulky hopper, how low seed rates can i accurately sow?
    looking to drill hybrids down to 2.5kg, should i be fitting stocks seeder in its place or should it work at such low rates with precision? thanks.

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    walter melon

    Re: Claydon OSR seed rates

    It should have a small seed kit with it. They are green plastic fillers which fit around part of the roller. It won't do it without this but will be fine if you do have it.

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    Rob Holmes

    Re: Claydon OSR seed rates

    Our SR will easily do 3kg/ha, and should have no problem going down to 2kg/ha

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    Andrew Kerr

    Re: Claydon OSR seed rates

    What row width are you using Steve?Lower seedrates on wider rows work best IMO.

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