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Thread: case sdx seed firming wheel for jd750A

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    case sdx seed firming wheel for jd750A

    Has anyone fitted them to their john deere?

    would it be possible that the local case dealer would be able to get their hands on them for reasonable money?

    I had a look at the case website but i can't actually get into their parts section.
    It's a pity it's not like the jdparts website.

    Part number is N306145A1.

    I must ask the local dealer.

    If you have tried them, have they made any noticeable difference?

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    Re: case sdx seed firming wheel for jd750A

    The SDX wheel is narrower than the 60 series JD wheel, however JD have made the 90 series firming wheel narrower as well. If you must buy a new press wheel then I'd go for a Needham V wheel, however in realitiy I'd just reduce the press wheel pressure in all but the driest conditions, ie no pressure needed this year!!!

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    Re: case sdx seed firming wheel for jd750A


    Yes I replaced all JD wheels with SDX's on 1890 with great success.

    As Simon says the Needham wheels are of better quality.

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    Re: case sdx seed firming wheel for jd750A

    I bet the Case wheels will be dear as there probably isn't much stock in Europe of them (at a guess I reckon 100 each)

    A cheaper option is that APM Agriparts can supply the Needham wheels for about 35 which are pretty much as good (unless you watch the Exapta video ). I have Needhams wheels and find them very good BUT I did have the original v fat 750 wheels not the 750A wheels so I probably needed to change more than you. I think good firming of the seed and not just the soil makes a difference against slugs.

    FWIW I'd stick as you are for a season or two unless your really keen to change.

    p.s. don't get discs from APM - I bought some and they blunted in a season. Steel not hard enough and have had to change them this year already - not happy with them at all.

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    Re: case sdx seed firming wheel for jd750A

    This will be the last thing i do to the drill. It has had all new steel, the bushing kit and a few other bits and bobs.

    I'm going to see how much of these peas we pick up off the ground before i spend any more money.

    Are they the v8 wheels?

    it is good to find out i don't have to get them in from the usa if i want them.

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    Re: case sdx seed firming wheel for jd750A

    Send me an email if you want the price sheet from APM - but I think they were 35. They'd be V8's. You could always Phil Needham for a price though - postage is the killer but there may not be much in it if you can find the right courier.

    If you've tuned a few things up I'm sure it will go well.

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