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Thread: Brambles

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    Tim Fr


    So land recently taken over has persistent brambles that grow freely after harvest. Have applied glysposphate in the past but does not seem to have much effect.
    Has any one ever mixed Garlon with glyphosphate? I need the glyphosphte to take out other weeds
    The field is going in with rape.

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    Re: Brambles

    Metsulfuron-Methyl works well on Brambles from what Ive seen in NZ back in mid-90s.

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    Re: Brambles

    We have used Garlon to kill them in hedges before now with good results, I guess it would not work as well at this time of year?

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    Re: Brambles

    I used some grazon with roundup round the yard edges this year worked great, not sure if there would be any residue issues with crops sown after using garlon tho

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