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Thread: Rape Stubble

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    Rape Stubble

    Do most of you top your rape stubble or do you just go straight in with the plough? Also is it better to wait for the rape that's gone over the back of the combine/ lost with pod shatter to establish and then plough down the green plant?

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    Re: Rape Stubble

    we always leave alone to chit, otherwise your plough them up again next year!

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    Re: Rape Stubble

    Never top let it go brittle and then a light pass with discs to chit and this years maybe a rake and roll and drill .
    I still cant get my head around topping it ,it breaks up so easy by the time its drilled and then rolled its nearly all broken up .Around us all those with verdestads have to chop it for the price of them drills with front discs you would recon they would chop it up and be able to cope but you see so many makeing onion beds so they can get a vaddy to drill . Hate the things with avengance over rated , overpriced and unfortunatly over here same as lesbian combines. O well thats made me feel better must go and put the pre em on the rape.

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    Re: Rape Stubble

    Wait for chit, trashboards on (KV ES 85) ploo doon... Simples

    Cheers BB

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