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Thread: 10 kw solar worth it?

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    10 kw solar worth it?

    looking for 10/15 kw of solar on dairy farm, probably roof mounted any ideas on cost, yearly production, payback time
    cheers in advance

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    Re: 10 kw solar worth it?

    You will probably be best going for 10 kw as this is the cut off point before 50kw

    You should get around 9000 units which will attract a payment of 14.5 pence per unit
    Over 10 kw the rate drops to 13.5p
    You may also have to install a different meter
    Can you use the power
    This makes a huge difference to the calculations
    Max power obviously is generated in the summer days
    If you are using electricity for water heating can you time it to match energy production
    There are some very good deals going around at the moment on panels
    It pays to ring several providers for quotes

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    Re: 10 kw solar worth it?

    As long as the sun shines and the days are longer than the nights?

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