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Thread: "Blue Force" working Day

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    "Blue Force" working Day

    A grand day out for anyone into oil leaks and black smoke.

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    Re: "Blue Force" working Day

    Anyone any pics, or know where there is any posted?

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    Re: "Blue Force" working Day

    Everyone's having a lie down Jim!!!

    Here's a few for you........

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    Big Vern

    Re: "Blue Force" working Day

    it were a cracking trip out gromit.. sadly some idiot decided not to put batteries into my camera... (that would be me then..)

    the county area had some great examples working, some had had a lot of TLC some where in work clothes..
    there where tractors from all ovber the uk, visitors from all over just happened to ask a bloke about a doe triple d and he and his mates had come from holland for the day..

    there was a very smart muirhill (the 1 in the second pic) that sounded lovely under load

    a great day out a credit to the organisers

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