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Thread: Dragon boilers

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    Re: Dragon boilers

    that doesnt sound good rgt mine has been running 4 years and still got all the paint on is air getting in somewhere so it is getting to hot ?

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    Angry Re: Dragon boilers

    Seems ok everywhere ?
    Will contact Dragon?

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    Re: Dragon boilers

    Quote Originally Posted by RGT View Post
    Mine only been going a week and all the paint has come off middle front big door and little door gone white and peeled off?
    Anyone else's like this as don't think going to last long like that?
    I know it'going to get hot but it will rust like hell won't it?
    Ours has done that Rob but it was due to me running it with the small door open a couple of times to help start up.

    It hasn't really rusted due to being kept hot and dry.

    Paintwork on mine isn't brilliant after nearly four years.

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    Re: Dragon boilers

    Only open little door to peek in?
    Hope it will be ok?

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