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    AML pdf

    I see the local market is offering this which can be filled in on the computer too.
    Would you need to do three copies or what though?
    Quite like the idea having most of it pre-populated, just updating as required with each batch.

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    Re: AML pdf

    It's been available on the TS website for several years. I like the idea of pre-populating the form, but you'd need to print several copies and then explain why the colours weren't 'normal' to every recipient of the forms. I decided the ridiculous duplication on the original carbon forms was probably less hassle.

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    Re: AML pdf

    Our local haulier was told they weren't sending out quad copies anymore, but they had to print them off from interweb.
    He told the person at Trading standards if they wanted them filled out they would have to send the quadruplicate copies - there was no way they were filling out 4 copies to send each way.
    The quadruplicates duly arrived.

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    Marches Farmer

    Re: AML pdf

    Watch out - it's the thin end of the wedge begun with the AML2. That does not work smoothly, is not available 24/7, cannot easily be changed at the last minute and is a total pain in the ****.

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