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Thread: GEN coulters

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    Tim Fr

    Re: GEN coulters

    Hartwig I did not read correctly, did not realise bean stubble, my sun flower stubble is very similar.
    Ps all on surface seed hollowed out, I always seem to get quite a bit on the surface with the Moore or else much too deep.

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    Re: GEN coulters

    Quote Originally Posted by fred View Post
    I also plan to drop the discs out the sumo trios and run duett coulters behind the legs with liquid fert

    Definitely only for rape not enough depth control for wheat, I have also seen the horsch solution it's very simple and but I don't want to go to wider rows
    While browsing this older thread to find some information, this made we scratch my head - fred, what did you mean with that ??
    What is the "horsch solution" and why do you want a new setup on your trio when you have this nice conversion with the bean coulters on your CO ??

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    Re: GEN coulters

    Hartwig ,

    horsch supply a low draft coulter to go behind the packer roller on there sprinter drills, on every other row , it bolts to the following harrow, its spacing is on every other row, so 50cm,

    The reason I want 2 different solutions eg sumo and horsch is different customers want different things,

    I have been away to build up my Vitamin D levels, but before I went away I went up and Sumos new DTS drill and was impressed, with build etc

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