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    Green star

    Accuracy with universal steering wheel on tractor or sprayer ? Any experience ??

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    Re: Green star

    I use green star on 2 JD tractors, then through a steering wheel in the sprayer. I would say the accuracy is just the same but getting on the line is much slower/ more tedious with the steering wheel. Maybe I could improve the settings but never managed to come close to the workability of the gs ready tractors. Gave up altogether with it in the combine. Which was lucky actually (maybe there is a god), because the day after we took it out the combine to use in a tractor - the combine caught fire.
    So, I would say the steering wheel is fine in a sprayer but I wouldn't want to operate a tractor with it.

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    Re: Green star

    The key is to set the settings to the speed of travel i set ours for power harrowing my dad went rolling and had a night mere with it reacting that fast made him sea sick

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