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Thread: Best tractor ever made?

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    Re: Best tractor ever made?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ironhead View Post
    I think it is a "point in time" thing crossed with what the tractor was going to be used for.

    Each generation of tractor included additional "features" from 3-point hitch to PTO to 2-stage clutch to hydraulic buckets to cabs to heated / AC to 4wd to big horsepower to . . .

    A better question would be - what were the "lemons".
    One man's lemon and all that!

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    Re: Best tractor ever made?

    SAME 100.4, bought new 17 years ago, owner driven, not a minutes trouble with it. Only had to replace battery last year. Quality item. Gonna buy a VIRTUS 130 next.Major value for money serious standard spec compared even to comparable DEUTZ.

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