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Thread: 6 year old filling the diet feeder

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    devils advocate

    Re: 6 year old filling the diet feeder

    Spoilt little brat.

    Should have a brush & shovel at that age.

    Only time allowed to work on the teleporter with a sponge & bucket.

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    multi power

    Re: 6 year old filling the diet feeder

    Quote Originally Posted by Sussex Martin View Post
    Not yet. My grandson from my other daughter is not six until next March and he already has a quad but is always under supervision with all the correct clothing and safety gear. I think he is still a bit young but I am not his father, just a concerned grandad!
    quad bikes are seriously lethal, my boy is only 2 so not realavent for me yet but it will be a very long time before he gets on a quad, he will be taught to drive a tractor many years sooner

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