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Thread: BBA -XML file conversion

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    BBA -XML file conversion

    Hello all you technical minded members, im in need of some help or advice please
    Currently we are running a Blackbox 510 on bba files and also a Falcon VT running xml format files. Usually if doing jobs for Soyl they send us them in both format so we have the flexibility to use either system.
    Recently we have been doing some jobs for a customer who uses Gatekeeper he can supply us with bba files but in order to do xml Gatekeepr say he(or us) has to buy some form of software which is AGCO (vt controller) compatable so the files can be put into xml. This confuses me somewhat, surely our customer has invested in Gatekeeper but they cant supply (or convert) the vra files in a format that is suitable for him (& us) to use other than bba versions. Does anyone know any way to convert bba in to xml with relative simplicity ?
    At the moment im having to ask a favour of a collegue who's into gps & vra mapping to convert them for me but its a bit of an embarrasment imposing on his goodwill and it would like to be able to do it 'in house' if possible ?
    Any advice would be greatly accepted,
    Thanks Neil

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    Re: BBA -XML file conversion

    Neil, ring me..Richard

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