Hello from the states. You fellas have more experience with New Holland than over here, and this tractor was mfd in Basildon. TS100 New Holland 2 WD tractor w/ 16x16 trans, cab w/air, & loader attached. Engine starts easily and seems to rev up to full throttle ok.. After about 10 minutes of running, under a light load it begins to pull down and acts as if there is no governor available. Tractor has 2293 hours and uses no oil. I have replaced the fuel lift pump twice in last week and replaced filters. It has a new Delphi inj pump installed at about 1550 hours, new fuel lift pump was installed at 1555 hours. Tractor is serviced and maintained regularly. When connected to 648 New Holland Baler, It will barely go up an incline when baling. When traveling in high gear on roadway, it will pull down to 1500 RPM on slight incline. Works fine for about 10 minutes after starting, then begins to have no power. After running about 30 minutes, I could lay my hand on the injector pump, but the fuel shutoff solenoid almost burned my finger. I have kept the filters changed and the fuel clean, so I cannot believe the pump needs rebuilding unless the Delphi pump is a pile of crap to start with. The original pump self destructed at 1550 hours, requiring a new pump. The load is not excessive as the tractor was pulling the same load fine 2 days earlier. I have sealed all possible leaks around the primary filter, and find no wet spots when pressurizing the tank. Is it possible that the shut off solenoid is bad since it is getting hot? I am about to pull the tank and check the intake line in the tank, it is all that is left.