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Thread: are we on right path or will we upset the apple cart

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    are we on right path or will we upset the apple cart

    ok so for those of you that didn't know I have been trying to bring on our cattle ( only a small heard ) with the least input and most cost effective way but a little slower as we don't have the same cost base as bigger farms and its not my main income

    we have some experiments under way angus x as one herd and belted Galloway x shorthorn as another

    we have now run 21 angus x cows most bought in calf to a named angus sire they are on 30 acres and out we out wintered them .they have had shelter in the woods and ad lib feed because I felt guilty rather than them looking like they needed extra, I have used 30 round bales since September and have 8 left in hand and I could have only used 20 if I was harder on them

    the key thing for me is I have not once needed to help any calf or cow, they all have done the job themselves , last night we had two calve side by side in the woods
    and this is now calving finished for the angus and most importantly I handled the calf to tag it an hour after it stood up and the mums did not bat an eye lid

    should I play with my idea of using another bull type for smaller cattle or just stick to this formula as I have no stress or vet bills and to be fair itís been very easy for us the cattle are all docile and bucket trained
    so the question is
    How do we get the same bull traits without using the same bull as were keeping the calves whatís the nearest you can go in genetics to the sire
    I already know itís a different storey with the Galloway and wonít be doing that again bit to lively for me and will get out of them soon

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    Re: are we on right path or will we upset the apple cart

    Theres a saying:

    "If it 'aint broke, dun' fix it"

    To me it sounds like your Angus cattle are working in your system so stick with them! Do research into the bull your calves are from and just try and find another which is similar. You didnt say if you are AI'ing or not but you could always try and buy someones old stock bull, use for two years then cull/sell on before he serves his daughters, if you dont like the idea of 'line breeding'. If a bull doesnt fit with what you want cull him after 1 year.
    If in doubt, yank it out!

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