We currently have around 200 dairy youngstock which we take great pride in, almost rearing on money no object system.

From weaning until they are pd+ they are reared on straw and 3-4kg of a18-20% cake. Then moved onto add lib silage.

The only exception is when are bulling heifers are turned out in batches of 15 and get 1.5kg of cake.

But last year we turned a couple of batches out, and they have gone downhill incredible day looking nipped up hollow eyed and dirty tailed within 3to four days.

This batch in particular we tested for everything last year to no avail and eventually after about 3 months they kind of got over it.

We were blaming everything eventually blaming one particular pasture, this year we turned out a similar bunch onto this field and exactly the same they looked horrendous!

When talking to someone they said the change from straw to grass is to big!

Thinking about it their rumens may not even have the bacteria to break down grass.

So we took them off the pasture and put some smaller bullocks which had been reared on silage and they look great, they have never looked back.

So. . . . Do people think this sounds plausible and if so should we put them into big bales for a week or two to help them adjust?

Do other people have similar problems?