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Thread: 116 sheep killed in UK's worst ever sheep attack near Chichester

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    116 sheep killed in UK's worst ever sheep attack near Chichester

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    Re: 116 sheep killed in UK's worst ever sheep attack near Chichester

    Interesting that the Sussex Police sergeant says this: "A farmer can legally shoot a dog that is chasing livestock and seek compensation from the person responsible for the animal, so please don't take the risk."

    We all know - as terrible and heartrending as this incident is - that shooting dogs is nowadays a legal minefield. Look at the NSA guidelines on the subject. Worrying dogs that are subsequently put down by veterinarians (as in the recent Kent case and by the sound of it with the proactivity of the owner) is preferable if the dogs can be identified and / or filmed. Shooting is the last resort but may be the only way of halting the attack. However the policeman quoted there could be the very one that comes and arrests you, and / or confiscates your rifle or shotgun, and perhaps even charges you with criminal damage or causing suffering!

    Again, it's Society and the lack of 'parental' responsibility by owners of dogs that allow them to roam free. Dogs in pheasant woods and pens are thought 'naughty' by many owners and some owners with their dogs off leads haven't the ability to recall their 'pet' when it does chase sheep or cattle. I have no problem here telling owners to put their animals on leads when you can see a lively dog has the potential to escalate 'bad behaviour' (who's a naughty boy then ) into a serious incident. Despite signage (which is often defaced, broken or removed), the stock answer is "it's a footpath". My stock answer is "that it may be a footpath but you're on my ground and I want your dog put on a lead". I never use the 'shoot' threat though. Too many colleagues receive a visit from the constabulary after such a confrontation.

    My heart goes out to the farmer involved and for the stock - in this case there was no savaging but the loss is just as keen - and as we all know the result of ten or fifteen minutes mayhem usually leaves a bloody and distressing mess.
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