Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum and hope someone may be able to help.

I believe that sheepdogs (border collies) can be used as a deterrent to wild Canada Geese - in that they can herd the geese in such a way that the geese think they are being stalked by a predator and fly off. If done on an intermittent basis, the geese get the message and eventually don't come back. Or so is the theory.

I've looked on-line and seen that this seems quite common in the States - but I've not found any references to anyone doing it in the UK. Hence my request for help. Does anyone know if anyone is using working dogs in this way? Could a dog normally used to work sheep do it - or would they need to be specifically trained?

Or are there are other forums more specific to people who work with dogs where I might ask? The internet is generally ok for things, but I'm struggling to find a starting place for finding help?

Any info or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks