Had to MOT the workshop van recently and although it passed, a rear wheel bearing had quite a low rumbling sound if spun quick enough by hand on the car lift and could of been where an increase in road noise was coming from? I'd been putting it down to the winter pattern tyres getting noisier as they were now 50% worn. Now it looks more like it could be the bearing.

The Van is a 59 reg VW Transporter T5-30 and it brings with it my 1st venture with cartridge wheel bearings, having googled them on YouTube and watched one being removed and a new one replaced with the aid of a huge lump hammer and several where a proper kit is used to do the job easily and more importantly without damaging the new one

Heres the rear hub, same bearing fits both front and rear and is the same if its 2wd like here or a synchro 4wd. Nice new pulling/pushing kit, ex Ebay, originally from china, but sold/shipped from here in the UK on next day free carriage including VAT for 52!! Payment via paypal went direct to the main man in China, but as promised the goods were here PDQ.

All the tools are supplied, the black collar between the hub flange and the bearing housing is in two halves, once slipped round into place there are two allen bolts to hold it together, then the outer plate has 5 pins each with an oring in a groove just to hold each pin in its respective blind hole (stops them dropping out as you assemble the tool!), the 5 pins pass through the wheel bolt holes in the hub and push up against the split collar. Using the threaded rod, spacers and collars you wind the nut down pulling the hub/bearing out of its housing. All that holds it in place is the press fit and a spring clip/collar that snaps into a groove

Heres the new bearing - 48 +vat on the euro car parts account. You can see the new retaining collar/clip. Last image is the empty housing, to be cleaned up with a cup wire brush and the clips groove freshened up.

Home leg now. Note the different shiny split collar this time? its centre is smaller and sits on the end of the bearing to push direct and square while also pushing the spring clip into place at the same time. The kit even comes with a proper radial thrust bearing to aid the pulling screw as you wind it all back together. Finished job shows the snap ring/collar already in place when the pushing collar is removed

Really pleased with the kit and several of the components look to be handy for other uses perhaps!