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Thread: Pest Control & Crop Protection

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    Pest Control & Crop Protection

    Hi, I am an experienced and accredited pest controller and keen countryman. I would kindly like to offer my services in controlling by way of shooting; any rabbit, pigeon, crow or fox problem that may be causing damage or nuisance to any crops etc.

    My service is free, and I can also offer help and advise with other farm pests such as rats as way of payment.
    I am fully insured for public liability and hold a level two pest management qualification with the Royal Society of Public Health.

    You can be assured that the land and livestock and even quarry are greatly respected.
    I cover the South East of England based out of Mid Sussex
    Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

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    Re: Pest Control & Crop Protection

    Hi David,

    sorry, can't help you with obtaining your permission but upon seeing your post I found some memories from my younger days popping up and wondered if you ever spent any time in Widnes, Lancashire; now in Cheshire?

    I would have sent you a pm but am presently blocked from doing so!


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